¡Requesting Gregorian Masses is easy! 

The Gregorian Masses are a religious practice of European origin, which are celebrated without any interruption during the 30 days after the death of a person, being these a ceremony with which their believers infuse with their devotion the path of the soul of the deceased towards the Father , under the acclaim of the Eucharistic sacrifice of Christ on earth for the salvation of the world through sin.

A Priest of the Benedictine Order will celebrate Holy Mass daily, we are a non-profit organization, we appreciate your donation for the missions.

Your privacy is important to us, which is why we do not sell, share, or trade your personal information.

When requesting the Gregorian Masses, we will be sending you or the person you have indicated a certificate announcing the Masses to be celebrated.

¡May God bless your family! + OSB 

Masses for deceased loved ones and other particular intentions:

  • For our dear departed ones.
  • For a sick person or someone who is suffering.
  • For someone celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or other special moment.
  • In thanksgiving to God for the health and prosperity of the family (husbands, children, grandparents and friends).
  • For a special prayer intention (Free a person from Hexes).
  • For prosperity in business.
  • In the Eucharist, usually, only the living or deceased will be named at the corresponding time.
  • Send the name and date of birth for whom the Gregorian Masses will be celebrated.
  • The name and surname of the person who offers the Gregorian Masses.
  • Perpetual Gregorian Masses.

The person makes a donation, called a stipend, to a priest or Religious Community for the celebration of Mass for a specific intention.
By making this offering, the person is more intimately united to Christ who offered himself in the Sacred Host, thus obtaining more abundant fruits. (Letter from Pope Paul VI “Firma in Traditione” on June 13, 1974).

Offering a stipend is also a way in which the Catholic contributes to the service of the priest of the diocese or religious community.
The proposed donation to commission a mass is $ 20,000. Colombian pesos.

The 30 consecutive Gregorian Masses have a total cost of: $ 600,000. Colombian pesos.

The 30 consecutive Gregorian Masses have a total cost in US Dollars of: USD 170.


For payments from abroad and in Colombia, it can be made through BANCOLOMBIA SAVINGS ACCOUNT No. 247-214711-83

Name of:

Omar Rojas González

Bogota D.C. – Colombia

Money can also be sent through WESTERN UNION.

Online payments through PayPal

Please send a photo of the consignment receipt to the following WhatsApp number (+57) 300 5506670.